Savings Jar !

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Chalk paint mason jars! Perfect for your home or office

Band-Aids and Compassion

Reluctantly I sat down at the round table filled with eager nursing students armed with band-aids, cotton balls, and needles! It is one of my least favorite times of year: FLU season (insert creepy music) as a health care professional it is imperative that I get an annual flu shot to protect my patients and myself from that yucky bug. Plus it’s required if I plan on keeping my job 🙂

I slowly walked toward a friendly looking student, reminding myself that it would only sting for a minute and there wouldn’t be too much blood involved! Me a nurse ! A nurse who gave a flu shot to a patient not 12 hours ago was giving herself a pep talk as if I was walking to my doom!!

I put my things down, rolled up my sleeve and reluctantly nodded as the future nurse said “left arm?” she then proceeded to clean my deltoid with an alcohol prep pad and said “I’m going to go riigghhht here as she gave my muscle a squeeze”. Once again I nodded, I wanted to yell, “just get it over with!” I watched her prep the needle as I have done countless times before, and right when she was about to poke me I looked away, counted to three and to my surprise I didn’t feel a thing! Not bad nursing student, not bad.

I reassured her that she had done a good job like so many patients have reminded me and went on my way, proudly wearing my ” I got my flu shot” sticker on my scrub top (hope I remember to take that off before I through it in the wash) .

Shots are not nearly as scary as I remember and thankfully my arm doesn’t feel like it has been punched by a heavy weight champ. I did however let out a quick yelp as I peeled that band-aid off of my arm before I went in to work last night (ouch!!).

Sometimes nurses need a dose of their own medicine to remember how vulnerable being a patient makes someone feel. I hope the next time I roll my eyes at a patient who doesn’t want their Q8h heparin shot because it burns, I think back to my heart pounding experience yesterday morning and have compassion, even if it is a 200lb man covered in tattoos 🙂

Peace, love, and flu shots — Nurse Mo ❤

Carefree Fall Decor

Mason jars are fun anytime of the year!!! We created these easy to make #fall mason jars with remnant fabric from JoAnn’s crafts and fabric
And some paint that was laying around the house! I used paper stencils which I bought months ago and a sponge brush to apply the paint. This craft only took about 20 minutes to complete and it’s simple enough to do with the kids!

Step 1: measure out your fabric to fit around your mason jars ( you can also iron your fabric and remove any fringe but I wanted mine to have some loose ends)

Step 2: tape your stencil on to your fabric or use the adhesive kind!

Step 3: apply paint with a sponge brush

Step 4: let air dry for about 1 hour, apply more counts of necessary

Step 5: once dry remove your stencil

Step 6: with a hot glue gun attach your fabric to your jar and enjoy!!!

This is a great project if you are gifting a jar or just want to decorate your house or use jars as storage, it’s quick, easy, and cheap! 


Date Night for $5 !!



So lately my boyfriend and I have been trying to stick to a really strict budget, but we didn’t want that to take away from going on dates ! So we thought we would use some coupons we had and plan a fun super cheap date! So we started off with dinner at Pizzeria Locale which is a yummy pizza joint where you can make custom pizzas that are baked in a brick oven in minutes ! Plus it’s owned by the same company as Chipotle 🙂  the only thing we spent money on were drinks ! Then we went to the you store to have some fun with bouncy balls, Halloween costumes and party decorations we also bout some candy which ended up being $2! And to wrap up our date night we went on a 9 mile bike ride !! So all in all we spent less than $5 and had a blast!

Do you and your boyfriend or hubby go on cheap dates?! Share your date ideas with us!!!

5 Ways To Tell You Work The Night Shift

1. Anytime day or night you can nap! Sunlight? Construction going on outside your window? Doesn’t matter you can be in la-la land instantly.

2. Even if you HATE coffee it is your BFF. Before working the night shift I rarely drank coffee and even then it was more like creamer and sugar with some coffee now I’m an iced coffee queen!

3. You have no clue what day it is.
Constantly saying “yesterday, no today, no it was yesterday !” is apart of your daily routine .


4. While a normal person is sad that it’s raining and cloudy on a Saturday morning you are cheering! Because that means you can get some amazing sleep and recover from a wild Friday night…of working !


5. You are always down for a late night food run, movie outing, or late night jog! And your friends love you for this reason! They know they can text or call you anytime of the night and you are up! Why because if you were at work you would be busy running around at work because let’s be honest, working nights doesn’t always mean you get to catch up on your favorite show on netflix ! 


Working night shift might not be my favorite thing in the world but it has taught me lot about myself and has pushed me to my limits in so many different ways, I guess you can say it builds character !

So to all my night shifters out there . stay strong.