Carefree Fall Decor

Mason jars are fun anytime of the year!!! We created these easy to make #fall mason jars with remnant fabric from JoAnn’s crafts and fabric
And some paint that was laying around the house! I used paper stencils which I bought months ago and a sponge brush to apply the paint. This craft only took about 20 minutes to complete and it’s simple enough to do with the kids!

Step 1: measure out your fabric to fit around your mason jars ( you can also iron your fabric and remove any fringe but I wanted mine to have some loose ends)

Step 2: tape your stencil on to your fabric or use the adhesive kind!

Step 3: apply paint with a sponge brush

Step 4: let air dry for about 1 hour, apply more counts of necessary

Step 5: once dry remove your stencil

Step 6: with a hot glue gun attach your fabric to your jar and enjoy!!!

This is a great project if you are gifting a jar or just want to decorate your house or use jars as storage, it’s quick, easy, and cheap! 


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