5 Ways To Tell You Work The Night Shift

1. Anytime day or night you can nap! Sunlight? Construction going on outside your window? Doesn’t matter you can be in la-la land instantly.

2. Even if you HATE coffee it is your BFF. Before working the night shift I rarely drank coffee and even then it was more like creamer and sugar with some coffee now I’m an iced coffee queen!

3. You have no clue what day it is.
Constantly saying “yesterday, no today, no it was yesterday !” is apart of your daily routine .


4. While a normal person is sad that it’s raining and cloudy on a Saturday morning you are cheering! Because that means you can get some amazing sleep and recover from a wild Friday night…of working !


5. You are always down for a late night food run, movie outing, or late night jog! And your friends love you for this reason! They know they can text or call you anytime of the night and you are up! Why because if you were at work you would be busy running around at work because let’s be honest, working nights doesn’t always mean you get to catch up on your favorite show on netflix ! 


Working night shift might not be my favorite thing in the world but it has taught me lot about myself and has pushed me to my limits in so many different ways, I guess you can say it builds character !

So to all my night shifters out there . stay strong.


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