Sonny is eating real food!

So Sonny is FINALLY eating baby food. At our last doctor visit I asked when he could start eating actual food. The doctor said we could start as early as 4 months but some people like to wait until 6 months. And the words that I clung to were “4 months”. Now I’m not one of those mothers who puts a cup a cereal in their baby’s bottle so he will sleep at night but I am that mother who has hoped beyond all hope that eating solid foods will help Sonny sleep for longer periods of time.DSCN0389

OK so on Sonny’s 4 month old bday, I went to Whole Foods (now you know it had to be a special occasion lol), And I got an organic sweet potato ($1.99) and avocado ($1.49). I also picked up a bag of organic baby carrots from Aldi ($.99). Just for fun I went down the aisle that carried baby food and Whole Foods, and just for fun I laughed at the prices. $4.00 for 3 jars of baby food, no can do! Now granted it was organic but I just couldn’t get there in my mind. And of course when I went to but my two little items, I found out my wallet was at home. Of course it was.

Food 1 – Avocado

Sonny really liked it, I recorded him, and he was screaming, no, yelling, no, hollering with joy, with every slurpy bite, as if he had been waiting for this moment his whole life! All I had to do with the avocado was scoop it out, add some breastmilk and then put it in the Magic Bullet. The only thing about avocado is that is looks pretty gross on day 2 even though I had it in the fridge in an air tight container.

Food 2 – Carrots DSCN0371

Sonny loved these even more, I steamed them then pureed them with a little water in the Magic Bullet. I am going to post a tutorial on how to do this.

Food 3 – Sweet Potato DSCN0357

It looks pretty similar to the carrots once it is pureed, just smoother.

We will probably try butternut squash after the sweet potatoes, but I gotta make another grocery store run first.

What foods has your little one tried, do you have any favorites? Let us know so we can try them out!

Love, Mommy and Sonny.


2 thoughts on “Sonny is eating real food!

  1. She’s tried the following 🙂
    Bananas her favorite so far
    Pears not so much
    Prunes she actually ate it but I feel she was neautral on them
    Carrots I had to go 6 days to get her to really enjoy them and still she says yuck
    Squash she loves and I’ll be honest I tasted it ahead of time the Gerber brand and she loves it but I thought it had a major water taste


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