Crafting After Dark

Sometimes you have to craft in bed!! I’m doing some late night last minute crafting earlier my sister (& co-author) Courtney cit out some awesome foam lips, mustaches, and bow ties for the photo booth we are having at our family reunion tomorrow so I am in bed armed with my hot glue gun attached the oversized features to sticks!


I honestly cannot wait to capture some funny pictures tomorrow!!! Got to love family reunions !

Later Crafters !
Xoxoxo — Mo


Tutorial: Homemade organic baby food

First Baby Foods 


Cost effective &  easy to make!

So far  I have  prepared 3 different types of food for Sonny. This tutorial explains how to make pureed carrots and pureed sweet potatoes.



1 pound (lb) bag of organic baby carrots, purchased for $.99 at Aldi

Baby Carrots

I prepared about 1/2 pound at a time.

Rinse carrots and place in steamer basket, add 2 inches of water to steamer.

Steam for 30 minutes.




When you remove these from the steamer, you should be able to insert a fork into the carrots without any resistance.

Fill your Magic Bullet to the halfway point, if using a Food Processor you can probably do all the carrots at the same time. Carrots may be slightly lumpy, add breastmilk or water (1 tsp at a time) until you reach the desired consistency.Carrot splats

Next make “splats” (thank you Pinterest) on a cookie sheet lined with parchment paper. I made these “splats” a little larger than a tablespoon.

I filled my cookie sheet with carrot and sweet potato “splats” (shown later). Once these are frozen they can easily be removed from the parchment paper. Place “splats” in a large ziplock bag, and keet in the freezer. Remove a “splat” for each meal. It will need time to thaw, you may need to add breastmilk or water if the consistency is too thick.

Sweet Potatoes!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1 organic sweet potato from Whole Foods $1.99SweetPotato

I roasted the potato by washing it off, and cutting it in half (leave the skin on), place the halves fleshy side down on a cookie sheet lined with parchment paper. – In the future I think I will just wrap the entire sweet potato in foil and bake on 425 for 1 hour, because that’s how I usually make sweet potatoes, but anyway…

sweetpotatoesBake halves for 45 minutes on 425 ( I think halving the potatoes made them dry out when they were baking, next time I won’t cut in half)

Remove from oven and let them cool, once the potato has cooled you can simply peel off the skin and the dry roasted areas.

Put all of the mushy sweet potato in a Magic Bullet or Food Processor. I added more liquid to the potatoes than I did to the carrots.

The sweet potato was velvety (hmmm is this a word??? College education does not equal DSCN0395
intelligence haha) after being pureed. I placed sweet potato “splats” on the same parchment paper as the carrots. Because the colors were so similar I tried to write an “S” on the sweet potato “splats” with a toothpick, operative word being “tried”. Anywhoo the sweet potato “splats” are the ones with the hieroglyphics on them.

Sweetpotatopuree pureed carrots

The Sweet Potato Puree was very smooth. It was also surprisingly tasty – this is coming from a person that drowns sweet potatoes in butter and showers them in brown sugar!



The carrots retain a significant amount of water so you may want to limit how much you add when you are pureeing. You might end up with soup when you thaw out your “splats”




Okay so try it out, let me know what works or doesn’t work for you.

More tutorials to come!

Love, Mommy and Sonny


Sonny is eating real food!

So Sonny is FINALLY eating baby food. At our last doctor visit I asked when he could start eating actual food. The doctor said we could start as early as 4 months but some people like to wait until 6 months. And the words that I clung to were “4 months”. Now I’m not one of those mothers who puts a cup a cereal in their baby’s bottle so he will sleep at night but I am that mother who has hoped beyond all hope that eating solid foods will help Sonny sleep for longer periods of time.DSCN0389

OK so on Sonny’s 4 month old bday, I went to Whole Foods (now you know it had to be a special occasion lol), And I got an organic sweet potato ($1.99) and avocado ($1.49). I also picked up a bag of organic baby carrots from Aldi ($.99). Just for fun I went down the aisle that carried baby food and Whole Foods, and just for fun I laughed at the prices. $4.00 for 3 jars of baby food, no can do! Now granted it was organic but I just couldn’t get there in my mind. And of course when I went to but my two little items, I found out my wallet was at home. Of course it was.

Food 1 – Avocado

Sonny really liked it, I recorded him, and he was screaming, no, yelling, no, hollering with joy, with every slurpy bite, as if he had been waiting for this moment his whole life! All I had to do with the avocado was scoop it out, add some breastmilk and then put it in the Magic Bullet. The only thing about avocado is that is looks pretty gross on day 2 even though I had it in the fridge in an air tight container.

Food 2 – Carrots DSCN0371

Sonny loved these even more, I steamed them then pureed them with a little water in the Magic Bullet. I am going to post a tutorial on how to do this.

Food 3 – Sweet Potato DSCN0357

It looks pretty similar to the carrots once it is pureed, just smoother.

We will probably try butternut squash after the sweet potatoes, but I gotta make another grocery store run first.

What foods has your little one tried, do you have any favorites? Let us know so we can try them out!

Love, Mommy and Sonny.

Cinna-Choco Chip-Blueberry Yum Muffins

Hey Crafters! Mo here! Since nurses do not have a traditional work week my weekend has come and gone ! I’m spending my Friday and Saturday nights at work with my awesome patients! So I thought I would do some baking until I take my nap and go to work ! I made some super yummy cinna-choco chip- Blueberry muffins and best of all they are gluten free and made with pure cane sugar ! I’ve already devoured 3!


Milk Bottle Mod Podge Tutorial

Hey Crafters! Mo here! Last weekend we hosted our first official event ! Lots went into pulling the baby shower together for our good friend! I was in charge of the centerpieces and I went crazy making hot pink mason jars!! But my favorite project that I made were pink and gray paper mod podge milk bottles !!! They are super cute and can be used again and again! I thought I would post a tutorial so you can make them at home! So here it is step by step! And best of all this is super cheap, kid friendly, and easy!


Step 1: gather your milk bottles, you can find them at your local craft store OR recycle your old Starbucks bottles like I did!


Step 2: Soak your bottles in warm soapy water to help you remove the labels and expiration date stamp . I soaked mine for 45 minutes then peeled off the label scrubbed some of the adhesive that was left behind and then let them soak for 30 more minutes .


Step 3: RINSE, RINSE, RINSE! I cannot stress this enough! You don’t want your bottles to be sticky! Then let your bottles air dry.

Step 4: Now that your bottles are all cleaned off and dry you are ready to start the mod podge process! So grab your scrapbook paper, mod podge, sponge brush and a clean work surface.




I also tore my paper into strips this makes it easier to apply to the bottles and you can layer the different colors or textures that you are using.


Step 5: Now it’s time for the fun part! Apply a coat of mod podge to your milk bottle. I turned my bottle upside down to make it easier for myself and so that the bottle didn’t stick to my newspaper.


Step 6: Take a strip of paper and slowly place it on the bottle . it doesn’t matter if you start at the bottom, top, or middle of the bottle but it is easier to start at the bottom and then do the top and fill in the middle, that way you can adjust the size of your strips as you go. I like to dump the brush and use my hands at this point! You don’t want gaps in between your paper and bottle so make sure to smooth as you go!


Step 7: Continue this process until you are finished! Let dry over night and enjoy!! Your paper should feel as hard as the glass surface and should not be sticky if so allow to dry for a longer period of time. You can also choose to deal your finished product with mod podge clear sealer.


Step 8: Enjoy your custom milk bottles!!!