Favorite items at 3 months

Okay so as a new mommy, I of course registered for everything the Babies’ R Us had to offer. 3 months into this thing I have found some products that I really like. I decided not to bad mouth anything because hey, it I’m sure those items work for someone.

So to start off entertainment is key, without entertainment I would never get to take a shower. I didn’t get this until Sonny (code name for my son) was about 1 month old, I literally walked around Babies’ R Us for 30 minutes before I broke down and asked someone to help me. These things are pricey and I went cheap-o but hey Sonny thinks it’s awesome.

This thing provides about 20 minutes of entertainment for Sonny!!!

Sonny has begun to slobber like it’s nobody’s business, so while I thought having 30 bibs was slightly ridiculous, I have now discovered the bibs actually have value that has taken me to the moon and back. One thing that I have noticed is the velcro vs. snaps on the bibs – Personally I’m a velcro girl. I believe it or not there is a difference in velcro types, I accidentally scratched Sonny’s face with the velcro (and it left a mark – insert scary music) so I checked out the my bibs and the Koala Baby brand has this cool micro velcro.
See the bib in the middle has the scratchy velcro, and the stitching came out when I washed it!
Sonny only takes a pacifier when he is falling asleep (sad, he used to take it all the time) and believe it or not I was one of those moms that said “I’m not giving my kid a binky, I don’t want him to be buck toothed”, and anyway when he was born he went to the nursery and came back with a pacifier, and I was so upset until I saw how magical it was. I went and bought some more for a few dollars at Target!

Next I would like to introduce you to “Elephant Man”, this guy was recommended by my mother, I attached him to the handle of the car seat, this guy has helped us on two road trips. I kinda feel bad calling him “Elephant Man”, (tell me you’ve seen the movie), but hey what are you gonna do.

So add to this list, what has saved your eardrums and your sanity during the first few months of life with your little one? I’d love to know so I can add them to the blog!


One thought on “Favorite items at 3 months

  1. I bought this little animal head with a square fleece for the body it’s probably as long as her arms. She was in nicu for a month and when she came home it really unearthed her I had found several small stuffed animals for to snuggle in her bouncy seat but she couldn’t wrap around the blanket body gives her something to grab and it’s soft washer and dryer friendly. I was against paci too but nicu has a rule about all babies having pacis but I wish I could of gotten a different kind. Hers can’t use the clip strap and pacis are flying or temporary getting lost

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