Did you know?

                                              This info blew my mind enjoy this Mommy hack.

Okay so think about every onesie you ever put on your precious lil baby. Do you have the visual? Now think about those funky way the shoulder flaps fold to that there is a crazy wide neckline on the onesie. I was just informed that the reason onesies have those flaps is so that when your precious little pumpkin has a blow out ( you know the ones, the butterscotch pudding looking poop that goes all the way up pumpkin’s back) you can pull the onesie down instead of taking it over their head.




Did anyone else know this??? As soon as I found out I wanted to shout it from the rooftops, because Sonny has had some blowouts and I tried to do some Houdini magic to take off his onesie without getting poop in his hair. Anyway share it with everyone!


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