The Official Summer Kick-Off

When I first moved back to my hometown one of the things I was looking forward to was experiencing ALL of the seasons! Silly me ! So far, this summer has been cloudy, gloomy, gray, and rainy! A few days after the Summer Solstice the sun decided it had waited long enough to appear and we have been having 80 and 90 degree days! And what better way to welcome summer than a cook-out!


So thankfully I was off the night that my sister planned this shin-dig (which was at my new townhouse–she was going to have it there whether I was off or not!) We had awesome burgers and hot dogs, veggies, and pasta salad but the highlight of the night were the SMORES! When was the last time you had a gooey, sticky smores?!


I was able to set up my brand new fire pit and we followed the instructions for roasting logs and got the fire blazing! Let me tell y’all we are total amateurs at this stuff so I was super nervous, I could just see the flames leaping across the patio and spreading down the row of townhouses! But, thankfully that didn’t happen! It was such a great time, who knew you could bring a little country to the city and roast marshmallows over a fire in the comfort of your own patio!DSCN0085

How did you kick off your summer? have any awesome party ideas for us! share them in a comment below!

later gators–MO


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